I am a PhD student at the Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) , University of Southern California (USC). I am advised by Gale Lucas and Jonathan Gratch. I am also guided by Jonathan May. I am currently interested in the overlap between Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), focusing on enabling human-machine negotiations through Natural Language.

I pursued my undergraduate in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG). After graduating in 2017, I spent a couple of years with Adobe Research, focusing on NLP applications in marketing, including affect modeling and text summarization.

I am always looking for research internships and collaborations. You can find my latest resume here.


  • July 2021: Our work on predicting outcome satisfaction and partner perception in negotiation dialogues was accepted at ACII 2021 conference. Preprint

  • July 2021: I gave a talk on our CaSiNo dataset at Google's NLP Reading Group.

  • May 2021: I joined Amazon Alexa AI as an Applied Scientist Intern for Summer 2021.

  • May 2021: Our work on the CaSiNo negotiation dataset was covered by TechXplore.

  • April 2021: Our team Viola for the multi-million dollar Alexa Prize challenge reached the semi-final stage in the competition.

  • March 2021: Our work on the CaSiNo dataset consisting over a thousand negotiation dialogues got accepted at NAACL 2021. Preprint Dataset

  • January 2021: Our agent won the First Prize at the ANAC negotiation challenge at IJCAI 2020. Find the presentation here.

Thanks to my friend Desh Raj for his website template (theme by beautiful-jekyll). I have essentially tried to copy as much as I could.